Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not in the US, can you ship to me?

We'll be happy to ship anywhere in the world. Place the items you are thinking of buying into your shopping cart then view your cart and click on "estimate shipping" to get a precise shipping estimate. If you're nearer to Australia than New Jersey, you may wish to check

How do I know which fabric is which in my sample packet?

We've stamped a letter into a corner of each sample for your reference, oriented so the stamp appears in the bottom right corner. These letters correspond to the "item number" listed on each style's page. See also the fabric key chart of style letter, weight and width.

You may find that there are letters listed that are not in your sample packet. That's probably because at the time you placed your order for samples, we did not yet carry that style or we were flat out we didn't even have a swatch to send. If that's the case, please contact us for a swatch of the style you missed.

Does this fabric come in any color but white?

We're adding a few dyed fabrics to our offering, but mainly we do only offer the white or natural color. They dye up very nicely at home with fiber reactive or natural dyes. Check out the dyes on this site, and see the results of our testing on the chart.

I've heard that bamboo fabric is being made from cutting down the forests that support pandas and other wildlife in China.

Phyllostachys pubescens, the species of bamboo used to make fabric, had been cultivated (grown on farms) for applications like building, making chopsticks and eating by people, before it came to be used for fabric. Yes, farms are damaging to wildlife habitat, but as far as I can tell, bamboo farms are less harmful on a whole than cotton ones, even organic cotton, that's why I've chosen this fabric to champion.

How should I take care of my bamboo fabric?

In some ways it's a lot like cotton fabric, though we recommend treating it more gently. Please see the page on the behavior of each fabric under certain conditions.

Do you offer wholesale or bulk rates?

Yes, we do. If you are going to be reselling the fabric or a good made from it, please contact us for the price list and ordering instructions for wholesale bolts and rolls. 

Is your fabric organic?

The cotton in many of our bamboo/cotton blends is certified organic. When you see fabric or clothing labeled "organic" the reference is only to the crop from which it is made, not any other part of the manufacturing process. Most of our fabrics are finished with only hot water.